Our traditional European style acrylic - artificial - cubes share the transparency, durabilty and refractive qualities of all our other ice, but come in a range of sizes ranging from approximately 25mm to around 40mm in length and around 23mm in cross section. They also come pre-stressed and "melted" to allow a more random appearance in a glass when combined with each other. Due to the manufacturing process, all sizes are approximate.

Dancing Ghost "Traditional European" style Acrylic Cube

Approximate size
  • We've found the best way to polish your ice before photographing is to wash with warm soapy water, and avoid any abrasives or other chemicals. Should your ice develop minor surface blemishes in use, these can generally be removed with a spot of toothpaste on a microfibre cloth and used as a mild abrasive polish would be used when T-Cutting a car's paintwork. We do not recommend using T Cut.

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