To Tube, or not to Tube, that is the question...

Updated: Mar 22

My wife, Louise, and I enjoy travelling, and for as long as we've known each-other, we've travelled as much as we possibly could, indeed, the first time we met, we were travelling. I'd never considered a camera at that stage - this was before cameras on phones.

Fairly quickly, pictures became a thing for us. We began with a film camera, and then moved on to a digital Sony Cybershot. The pictures we took were snaps, capturing moments as well as we could, but if I knew then what I know now, the holiday photographs would have been so much better.

Now, to show you just how bad it was, this was taken by me on a trip to a former leper colony. I doubt we'll ever revisit, because there are so many places to see - this is where the regrets come in. The holiday was a good one, and the place, though you'd never get it from the snaps I took, was spectacular.

Now, what's happened here is fairly typical of many, I'd say. Firstly, we've picked a trip time that primarily allowed us to get back, have a swim, have something to eat, and then sit on our balcony with a few beers and watch the sun go down, and the world go by.

A later trip would have allowed the sun to drop, and the shadows to lengthen. The sun here wasn't directly overhead, but it was still short. Shadows allow for texture, and when you're photographing rocks, stone and patchy render, you want the texture. I've taken the picture from normal standing position when, perhaps, a position much lower and closer to the steps would have given me a more interesting perspective, and would have taken the camera itself out of the direct sunshine. I could also have shot through the unsightly fence, avoiding it's inclusion in the image altogether. The point is, at the time, there may have been all sorts of options, but I didn't know, I didn't think, and so I simply snapped. It's a memory, and so we keep it, but it's obviously never going to be an image I show.

Time moved on, and as I said in the first post of this blog, I eventually took a composed and thought out photograph, which lead me along a path. The path brought me to images like these.

I can't tell you the difference photographs of this quality make to the memories of holidays past, when you're looking back at them, and while travel photography isn't my work, I'd like to do something to make a difference for others.

So, to the crux of the matter, to Tube or not to Tube. YouTube! I learned pretty much all of my photography skill from YouTube. I'm considering a set of videos to help people get the most out of their holiday photography, but I've never done anything like that before. I also have a slight impediment as a result of riding a motorbike into the back of a car with its boot (trunk for Americans) up, smashing in my larynx, which has left me with a husky voice I hate.

So that is the question, to YouTube or not?

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