Once Upon a Time...

... there was a bricklayer. He was unsatisfied as a bricklayer, it paid the bills - which is important - but it satisfied none of his creative instincts. His dad could draw, though he'd never seen anything his dad had drawn, because he, too, devoted his entire adult life to bricklaying and earning a living, and had dropped his art soon after leaving school to pursue the same thing his friends were, and to buy a motorbike. His mom was good at making things, be it cakes, cushions, curtains or other crafty craft items, but she'd never been a seller.

The younger bricklayer wanted to create. He bought a lathe and made wooden things, he learned to play the saxophone, but quite badly, he wrote - and is still re-writing - a novel, but probably not well enough to land a book deal, and then, with a mobile phone in hand, strolling along a Scottish beach, he saw something, an island out to sea. The tide was out and there was a rock protruding from the glistening sand. The rock was topped by glinting, wet, bright green seaweed. The young bricklayer aligned the rock with the island, lay down in the sand ... and became a photographer.

I still have this image from many years ago, and I'll attach it when I can dig it out. It's nothing special in itself, but it was the first time I'd composed an image rather than just taken a snap. It was the spark, and now, some 9 years later, having journeyed through the techniques and the gear, to a point where I'm satisfied that I can 'produce the goods', along with my wife to assist and who excels in the all important inter-personal side of things, we've launched our fledgling portrait and people photography business. Hopefully, at some point, you'll join us on our journey.

Regards and best wishes,

Graham and Louise

... and so here it is

As I say, it's nothing massively special in itself. The quality is what you'd expect from a mobile phone of the day, but it was in the seeing of the composition, the juxtaposition and the symmetry, that sparked the idea that I could achieve something with a camera. Anyway ... this was it, the beginning.

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