Ice, Ice Baby...

If you've ever looked for acrylic ice for a cold drinks shoot, and you're in Europe, you'll have encountered, like we did, two problems. The first is that the only high quality ice you'll likely find is made by a company called Trengove in the US, and their artificial ice is beautiful, there's no two ways about it, but if you only want one or two pieces, with postage and packing, we found the unit cost to be prohibitive.

The second problem is that the alternatives available this side of the pond are so unrealistic as to be unusable for most decent commercial work. These were the difficulties we encountered, and the way we solved them was to produce our own cube. We purchased 2 bars of high grade, pre-formed, clear acrylic, and then I carved and polished, by hand, a cube we found acceptable. This is the cube, and below are images of our full range with further close-ups of our shard and the smaller cubes.

These will shortly be for sale.

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