Ice, Ice Baby...

Updated: Apr 16

If you've ever looked for acrylic ice for a cold drinks shoot, and you're in Europe, you'll have likely encountered, like we did, two problems. The first is that outside of an expensive import from the US, you could pretty much forget it, which lead us to the second part of the problem.

The alternatives available this side of the pond are mostly so unrealistic as to be unusable for decent commercial work. Having scoured the net for clear acrylic ice, we reached the conclusion that we would make our own. I had a distant history in engineering, and thought I had a good idea as to how to set about it. As it turned out, my path towards producing an acceptable clear, fake, acrylic ice was far from as straight forward as I expected, but once I was in it, I was determined to win it.

Two years after we began our attempts to mirror the quality we'd seen in all those high end shoots, we finally cracked it and produced the cube immediately below, our 48mm distressed cube.

Other pieces followed on, and we'd soon produced a range of pieces, some of which have survived into the commercial stage, and others, which for one reason or another, have been left behind.

Now, as sales have begun to flourish, we are moving on, and are working towards a durable and credible floating acrylic ice. Many challenges are going to have to be overcome before that product is ready for market, but we are convinced it's achievable. Soon!


OUR ORIGINAL SHARD (One which became a wall art rather than a production item)

OUR ORIGINAL SMALL CUBES (These have been replaced with an edgier version)

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