Acrylic Ice

The difference between a beautiful composition and paid work...

Welcome to the only place you can make the jump to Dancing Ghost, high quality, photographic, acrylic, artisan ice -- the difference between a beautiful drinks shot and paid work. Our ice will give you the edge. Fake ice cubes, shards and spheres  for the discerning professional.

Our acrylic (fake, faux, or artificial if you prefer) ice is manufactured from the very best industrial acrylic, for that crystalline look, and to avoid the tell-tale yellowing of cheaper, poured resins. Each piece is carved and polished by hand, to create pieces of ice of incredible clarity, durability and individuality. Be they cubes, shards or spheres, or even bespoke pieces, with just the right amount of 'just melting' surface, our ice represents the very best in clear ice, commercial drinks photography.

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