Acrylic Ice

Two years ago, we were looking for artificial ice for a drinks shot. We purchased a variety of cubes but couldn't find anything that remotely resembled the kinds of ice cubes we'd seen used by established drinks photographers, and then it became clear (no pun intended) that most of those were US based.

We scoured the net, and eventually found what appeared to be the only high quality fake ice in the world (maybe we just stopped looking once we found it?) Now some of you may know the company, and while we certainly have nothing negative to say... as their acrylic (or artificial) ice is beautiful, we are confident ours matches up and is more affordable for the European customer.

Our search took us to all the major suppliers of photography products, and even to a few "make your own" guides, but none were producing a good quality finished item, almost all of them producing a cube containing globular bubbles - something usually resembling a lava lamp.

Eventually we found a supplier of high grade, bubble free, acrylic bars, of sufficient quality, and perfected the shaping and polishing process, to produce the ice you can now purchase in our ice store, each one hand made and as unique and beautiful as real ice. Scoot on over and take a look, we have no qualms in saying we think this is the best artificial photographic ice in Europe.
Small acrylic ice cubes.jpg
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